View List of Stored Procedures In Postgresql

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For someone like me who moved to Postgresql from Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server, Stored procedure was most sought after feature in Postgres. There are many benefits of Stored procedure over function. Starting Postgress 11, Postgres now supports creation and execution of stored procedure. As developers continue to unleash the power of stored procedure they will certainly be thankful to Postgres and Postgres community. On this post, we’ll see how to list all the created stored procedures in your database. […]

Badimalika Trek (बडिमालिका)

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First thing when I get new office calendar is to look at the holidays and see how they are aligned with Weekends. I search for holidays that are around weekends and immediately mark them. The reason being, I can plan for the trekking trips. I don’t need to really search about destinations, because we have so many places in Nepal that I know of and that one should reach in their lifetime. The problem for me however, is to choose […]

PowerShell: Working with large files performance comparison

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Ever since I started using PowerShell (back in 2012) for automating boring tasks or automating complex tasks, I always thought PowerShell Command-lets provided in powershell were the best to use not only for the ease of use but also for the performance. I always thought PowerShell Cmdlet provide high performance than any other alternatives available. However, when I needed to work with large text files (we still have to work on text files and they are very large), I needed to […]

Rara : A trek to heaven

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Thanks a lot to Kali Dai for bringing me the idea of Rara trek although we couldn’t make it together. This was going to be my second trek of year 2072 and I was already excited. Long vacation from regular duty, visiting Rara Lake and walking around Karnali zone- a less developed region, were on my bucket at the same time. First step towards the trekking is to form a group. I asked Mohan, who was always interested on trekking and we became two from […]

Creating Memory-Optimized Database And Table

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Hello All, I hope you read my previous blog In-Memory OLTP . This is my second blog in In-Memory OLTP Series. As of now, you should have known what Sql Server In-Memory OLTP is. Giving you a quick recap, this new feature of Sql Server allows you to store your data entirely in memory giving you up to 100 times performance benefit. In real time, you can expect up to 40 times performance improvement. The coolest of all is your application doesn’t require […]

Introduction to WCF

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I planned of learning all about WCF (Windows communication foundation) from last one year and i was never close to manage the time. This time, i think i start and will continue. Throughout the period I am learning it, I will try to write down the basics and my understandings. Hope this will help you if you are also just starting WCF. Connected System: An application that is distributed across multiple computer nodes with the strong emphasis on communication protocol. Building […]

Useful Tips

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I am trying to list some useful commands, tips that are rarely needed and need to search on the web. Please add your tips on comment so that i can update this page continuously. Get Dos Path for Folders This is useful when you need to work on Dos environment and work with long directory. To get the dos name of the long folder use dir /x command on dos. For example to get DOS name of the  “C:\long folder […]

SQL Server In-Memory OLTP

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In my next few blogs, I would attempt to explain you about SQL Server’s In-Memory OLTP (Hekaton). Let me know how am I doing with it by giving your valuable comments. In-Memory OLTP is the new feature introduced with the latest version of Sql Server i.e SQL Server  2014. What is In-Memory Computing? Kirill Sheynkman describes In-Memory Computing as “In-Memory Computing is based on a memory-first principle utilizing high-performance, integrated, distributed main memory systems to compute and transact on large-scale data sets […]

WCF Services

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Service design Philosophies are : SOAP : It relies on XML Information Set for its message format, and usually relies on other Application Layer protocols, most notably Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) or Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP), for message negotiation and transmission. It is transfer neutral Commonly used in a scenario where you have a more controlled environment.  <soap:Envelope xmlns:soap=”…”> <soap:Header> <!– additional xml based headers securit, rm, tx –> </soap:Header> <soap:Body> <Invoice>.. </Invoice> </soap:Body> </soap:Envelope> REST:  REST don’t attempt to achieve […]

Converting New Visual Studio Solution File to Previous One

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Problem: When we go on web for solution of some problem, and people on internet can provide us with the whole project or solution.  Not every developer uses the same version of Visual studio IDE.  Situation could be something like that, you are using visual studio 2010 and solution provided on web is on Visual studio 2008. In this scenario, you can easily convert solution in 2008 from 2010. But, actual problem arrises when solution is provided in Visual Studio 2012 and you have Visual Studio […]