Useful Tips

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I am trying to list some useful commands, tips that are rarely needed and need to search on the web. Please add your tips on comment so that i can update this page continuously. Get Dos Path for Folders This is useful when you need to work on Dos environment and work with long directory. To get the dos name of the long folder use dir /x command on dos. For example to get DOS name of the  “C:\long folder […]

SQL Server In-Memory OLTP

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In my next few blogs, I would attempt to explain you about SQL Server’s In-Memory OLTP (Hekaton). Let me know how am I doing with it by giving your valuable comments. In-Memory OLTP is the new feature introduced with the latest version of Sql Server i.e SQL Server  2014. What is In-Memory Computing? Kirill Sheynkman describes In-Memory Computing as “In-Memory Computing is based on a memory-first principle utilizing high-performance, integrated, distributed main memory systems to compute and transact on large-scale data sets […]