Creating Memory-Optimized Database And Table

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Hello All, I hope you read my previous blog In-Memory OLTP . This is my second blog in In-Memory OLTP Series. As of now, you should have known what Sql Server In-Memory OLTP is. Giving you a quick recap, this new feature of Sql Server allows you to store your data entirely in memory giving you up to 100 times performance benefit. In real time, you can expect up to 40 times performance improvement. The coolest of all is your application doesn’t require […]

Introduction to WCF

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I planned of learning all about WCF (Windows communication foundation) from last one year and i was never close to manage the time. This time, i think i start and will continue. Throughout the period I am learning it, I will try to write down the basics and my understandings. Hope this will help you if you are also just starting WCF. Connected System: An application that is distributed across multiple computer nodes with the strong emphasis on communication protocol. Building […]