View List of Stored Procedures In Postgresql

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For someone like me who moved to Postgresql from Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server, Stored procedure was most sought after feature in Postgres. There are many benefits of Stored procedure over function. Starting Postgress 11, Postgres now supports creation and execution of stored procedure. As developers continue to unleash the power of stored procedure they will certainly be thankful to Postgres and Postgres community. On this post, we’ll see how to list all the created stored procedures in your database. […]

Badimalika Trek (बडिमालिका)

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First thing when I get new office calendar is to look at the holidays and see how they are aligned with Weekends. I search for holidays that are around weekends and immediately mark them. The reason being, I can plan for the trekking trips. I don’t need to really search about destinations, because we have so many places in Nepal that I know of and that one should reach in their lifetime. The problem for me however, is to choose […]