Badimalika Trek (बडिमालिका)

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First thing when I get new office calendar is to look at the holidays and see how they are aligned with Weekends. I search for holidays that are around weekends and immediately mark them. The reason being, I can plan for the trekking trips. I don’t need to really search about destinations, because we have so many places in Nepal that I know of and that one should reach in their lifetime. The problem for me however, is to choose […]

Rara : A trek to heaven

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Thanks a lot to Kali Dai for bringing me the idea of Rara trek although we couldn’t make it together. This was going to be my second trek of year 2072 and I was already excited. Long vacation from regular duty, visiting Rara Lake and walking around Karnali zone- a less developed region, were on my bucket at the same time. First step towards the trekking is to form a group. I asked Mohan, who was always interested on trekking and we became two from […]